Why Practitioner Products

Benefits of Using "Practitioner Only" Products

  • Prescribed by qualified health practitioners "with confidence"
  • Continued practitioner support
  • Quality assurance
  • Unique, practitioner-formulated products
  • High potency products
  • Minimised risks associated with over-the-counter supplements.

"If a qualified health practitioner trusts and recommends it, it must be good."

Why Use "Practitioner Only" Products?

"Practitioner Only" products are nutritional and herbal supplements that are prescribed by qualified health practitioners to assist their patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Health practitioners who dispense "Practitioner Only" products have undertaken extensive education and have access to ongoing learning, in order to recognise the correct use of the supplements, taking into account specific doses required in different conditions, and considering any possible interactions with other supplements or medications.

Qualified health practitioners understand that the effectiveness of nutritional and herbal supplements largely depends on the quality and potency of the products. Likewise, safety depends on quality and purity. Hence, by using "Practitioner Only" products, under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner, you can be assured of quality, potency and purity.

Ironman champion, Charlotte Paul, values such quality. "I like the fact that BioCeuticals is guaranteed to be uncontaminated and high quality. Especially for professional athletes there is a risk when you take supplements that they could be contaminated and you could be taking a prohibited substance," says Paul.